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Since men have already been given the opportunity to say so much for so long, the first voices that you’ll hear in our month-long theme about men and their liberation, belong to women. The six females that we invited over to the StyleLikeU home for an indefatigable, uncensored discussion are as themselves in their personal opinions on men as they are about their style.


Mimi Hecht, fashion designer; writer Beatrix Ost; student/filmmaker RuRu Albaari; the professional matchmaker, Amy Van DoranMargo Simms, musician; and photographer Eryn Lefkowitz get into all of the complications of manhood today, from whether or not they are attracted to men in high heels to how their fathers never cried or hugged them.


Overall, the women crave men to be emotional, to be present in their fall-apart moments, and to not be bombarded with the prototypical “fixing it” syndrome of machismo. And yet, no matter how empowered, most of the females still want to be picked and don’t want to take on the pursuer role. Some want the quiet and still guy, while others are wary of a male’s passivity. Then there is the question of making love: is this where giving and taking holds the truth of how a man can care for a woman despite their outer insensitivity?


Most importantly, how are all of these conflicting feelings that women have about men reinforcing stifling patterns that keep men repressed and unable to express their true selves. What is learned and what is innate in male behavior? To see and hear it all, watch our Roundtable now.



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Video edited by Andrea Cruz