Featured Photo: Sterling Batson
“Every Sudanese girl has to look like Alek Wek and every black girl has to look like Chanel Iman,” We’re not all one person, we’re different people, different shades, and we should be accepted all the different ways we are! You don’t have to look like a certain person, you don’t have to act like a certain person, just truly be you…genuinely be you and magic will happen!” -Mari Malek
“To honor how style is not the clothes you wear. It is acceptance of yourself and others. It is comfort in your skin. It is your spirit. It’s What’s Underneath.” -Style Like U
Watch below as stunning Sudanese Model, Mari Malek aka DJ Stiletto shares her personal journey with Style Like U, for their What’s Underneath Project.



“We are in a world where we have been taught and conditioned to be fearful. It’s time to stop thinking that you and I are totally a different person, you are not my problem, actually yes you are my problem, it’s time for the world to look at one another as a human race and not like a black race, or a white race, or whatever! You are all human, you bleed the same, you’re born the same, you die the same.” -Malek


Mari Malek 3r


Photo: Udo Spreitzentbarth via; L’ETAGE magazine

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