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Featured Photo: Shanita Sims


“Because I’m petite, people assume that I’m much younger. They’re shocked to know that I have a child that’s 15 and a half…. Growing up in a household with a lot of turmoil, you become insular. The yelling affected my relationships with people.You have to connect through feeling, which is challenging if you’ve always detached yourself and created a barrier because that exchange was a representation of pain. But from that, I was gifted my son when I was 18. This kid was born talking to other people. He taught me how to be open to people. Even coordinating play dates, he’d say, ‘Mom just call her.’ I’d be like ‘No no, I’ll wait for her, she invited me so she should call me.’ He’d say, ‘Just initiate it and call her.’…When people go through a lot of darkness in their life at a young age, if they’re brave enough to confront those things and work on them, they turn out to be the people with the most light.Stylist/Designer, Mengly Hernandez


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