So today’s post is a bit different from my other style posts. I’m just gonna keep it real, I want to share how disappointed in myself I was for paying so much money for these dang overalls. Therefore I won’t share where I got them from :).  Although I am happy to say I’m debt free, I don’t plan on spending this much on clothes anymore because I’m not trying to go into debt. It’s very easy, especially when you have a site where you do “style” posts, to fall into the trap of trying to get new things so you can post them. With all that said, my wedding is this September and this mom here is continuing to save her money to buy a house as well as just add to my savings period. But I do love overalls and you can find them in thrift stores for a good price. I also love that you can wear them with long sleeves such as thermals, a plain old t-shirt, or a sleeveless T like the one I’m wearing. My brown boots were thrifted from Beacon’s Closet for $14, that’s more of the price range I need to stick to :).


Do you ever feel guilty about buying expensive clothes?