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Overhaulin Crop T-shirt: Search & Destroy (Vintage and Thrift store); 5.00 USD

*I cropped and cut the collar of the shirt

Daisy Print Cream Skirt: Beacon’s Closet (Vintage and Thrift); 7.95 USD

Taupe Leather Folded Studded Harness Ankle Boots: Guess; 109.00 USD

Forrest Green Suede Bag with Blue Stones: Goodwill; 3.99 USD


Jean Brass Clasp Belt: H&M (8 years old); 9.99 USD

Feather Earrings: Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn; 13.00 USD (a pair)

Feather Necklace: Forever21; 4.80 USD

1960’s Navajo Ring: Vintage; 20.00 USD

With the exclusion of the turquoise piece left to right:

Silver Tree Bark Ring: Beacon’s Closet; 6.95 USD

Bronze & Silver Braided Bands: Flea Market; 1.00 USD each

Lime Green Nail Polish: Sinful Colors (Rite Aid); 2.00 USD