Over the past four years I have been pretty loyal to my personalized regimen and that loyalty came pretty easily since my hair seemed to favor well from my product regimen, and by favoring well I mean, I was retaining steady growth, moisture and very few split ends but then a change happened in December 2009. I had a small incident with some fire about a year and a half ago when my ends dipped into a candle and my hair caught on fire! Yes ladies, you heard correct my hair caught on fire and I saw some goodness gracious actual real live flames shooting from my hair, but this is a story for another time (maybe funny Friday? Even though at the time I didn’t find a damn thing funny about it) so long story short I was rockin my 140 twist and about 15 twists were more than half singed off with other random pieces frayed by way of fire, which left me with about 10 inches and the rest of my hair at 16 inches. To this date those 15 twist are now at 15 inches with the rest at 21 inches. Now with that being said all this is leading up to how I begin to change my regimen.

When something goes wrong in any aspect of my life I look at the reason behind it, the cause, and this was no exception for my hair. I wondered how could my hair explode in flames from simply leaning over a wee itty bitty candle and the answer… because I was using extremely flammable products but not only was it flammable, I was using too much and the fact that it was not all natural my hair could not absorb these products so instead the products just really neglected its true j-o-b and laid around as if on vacation and simply coated my strands. The result was un-natural product coating dry un-moisturized hair because of the strands inability to absorb the artificial ingredients along with a greasy to touch feeling, but to be honest the “greasy to touch feeling” was nothing new for me. As long as my hair did not feel “dry’ I was satisfied despite the fact when people touched my hair I immediately saw the hand wipe down on the nearest fabric available (even though this became a good defense mechanism for preventing people to touch my hair again). I would love to make this story really moral effective by saying I transitioned to mostly all natural products immediately after, but on UBB Nikisha and I offer nothing but the realness so the change of my regimen really didn’t take into effect until Dec 2010 a year later through the persistence of my man, who now had leverage of the fire to throw at me every time I said “well why change something that has been working since forever” Needless to say I am glad I made the transition and my pillowcases are quite pleased as well. Not only did I experience a total depletion in product buildup which cured me of my “Soul Glo” greasy feeling, but I experienced 50% less shedding during detangling, more manageable detangling sessions and itchy scalp ceased to exist. The reason for these changes is because natural products are missing the one main ingredient that is in abundance in un-natural moisturizing products which is mineral oil (aka petroleum). Mineral oils have a tendency to clog your pores to your hair follicles and coat your strands rather than being absorbed by them which can mean more shedding, stunted hair growth and dandruff.

I wanted to share my story for those who may be on the brink of transitioning or trying all natural products. I definitely am not knocking all things not natural, shoot I used them for years,  I grew up on Blue Magic and Johnson & Johnson’s hair grease. Hell I still use Vo5 conditioner which is not all natural (though it works best for my hair because it is silicone free, which makes it an amazing product) but if you are willing to incorporate some natural products into your regimen you may see a drastic difference for the better!

What products have you changed along the way during your natural hair journey?