Are you more conservative when it comes to color? Would you rather avoid looking like you stepped out of crayon box but yet love that pop of color? Well UBB Fashionista on a budget takes a muted pattern and adds the pizzazz with splashes of color. Here is a quick tip how to avoid looking like a walking rainbow (even though I must admit I be rockin the rainbow look at moments well a muted rainbow at least, lol)

Beige Striped Dress: Calvin Klein (Hand me down from my mama); Priceless.00 USD

Tip: The key to achieve the pop of color look is to make sure the color of the main piece you are wearing (which here is a dress) is a muted or basic color.


80’s Paint Splattered Pattern Vest: Reminiscence Vintage in NY, 9.95 USD.

Black Wood Wedge Shoes: Dollhouse; 40.00 USD (sale)

Vintage Wood Beads: (Reminiscence in NY) dark wood 8.00 USD, tan wood 1.00 USD

Vintage Marble Panel Bag: (Reminiscence in NY) 9.95 USD

Cuff Bracelet: H&M; 8.00 USD

Complete look: 76.90 USD :)