This socks and sandals style has been very much debated, either people love it or they hate it. I will admit that I never really liked it, but then again I’m human and my taste has changed over time. If you see someone rock something in a way that appeals to your eye, then all of a sudden that very same fashion no no can become a yes yes. I see the positive with this look, I think its adorable when its rocked the right way, and it allows you to wear your sandals in colder weather instead of having to wait for spring :). Check out some pics below.

What do you think about socks and sandals?


This is my favorite one for sure, I would rock this!




Luv these socks and sandals together, I would rock this too!



These shoes are hot with socks too!


The way she is rockin the socks and shoes are hot and I'm not even into animal print shoes.