Click Read More/Comment for more pictures. It seems of lately I have been in a long skirt phase where before you couldn’t get me out of a mini but long skirts are a great alternative to provide the A/C cooling factor in any summer attire. I think my fascination with long skirts and rockin one earring begin years ago in my teens when I saw half vampire named Star played by Jamie Gertz in one of my all-time favorite movies Joel Schumacher’s vampire cult film “Lost Boys” (I really could recite the script word by word) where the long skirt and one earring was her staple throughout the film. Well by now I think you know where this is leading to but if you don’t….Welcome to another Urban Bush Babe Fashionista on a Budget series.



Left: Leopard Bandeau: H&M; 5.95 USD Right: Striped Black & White tank top: from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn; 10.95 USD

Dark Lavender Long Purple Skirt: Thrifted from Beacon’s Closet; 12.99 USD

Hidden Platform Leopard Boots: Dollhouse from eBay; 26.99 USD. Despite the thin heel these boots are extremely comfortable and sturdy!

Teal Leather purse: Vintage from Beacon’s Closet; 8.95 USD


Leather metal adorned belt: Vintage from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn; 13.99 USD

Feather Earrings: Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn; 13.00 USD (a pair)

Silver Tree Bark Ring: Beacon’s Closet; 6.95 USD

1960’s Navajo Ring: Vintage; 20.00 USD

Bronze & Silver Braided Bands: Flea Market; 1.00 USD each

Sterling silver leather brass jade & onyx necklace: Made by Cipriana (Meeeeeeee)

Brass dog tag I had imprinted with this phrase “If you mess with this ya gonna get the fist”. Vintage key attached with black onyx stone

Lime Green Nail Polish: Sinful Colors (Rite Aid); 2.00 USD

Complete Look: 123.77 USD