Featured Photos by AP. Click Read More /Comment for more pictures. Saturday I had to work but it was really more like a cinematic experience because a feature film that I just wrapped on a couple months ago for Costume Design is now in its final stages of post-production so work this past weekend consisted of looking at a final rough cut of the film. I was pretty amazed and fortunate to see the start, unfinished and nearly finished product but what I was not amazed at this weekend was the heat! This outfit is what I wore to the viewing of the film. Yes, yet another long skirt, lol but the reason why I wear them so much is because they give me more freedom from…well just that freedom! I love my short skirts and dresses and actually have them in abundance but let me tell you rocking a mini in NY’s subway system with all its stairs, ramps and Peeping Toms is a game of constant maneuvering of not flashing your undies I would rather avoid so if you like what you see stay with me as I give the scoop on the entire outfit :)

Detroit Muscle Tank Top: East Village Street Vendor in NY; 5.00USD. This was a super long tank which I cut into a crop top

Paisley Skirt: Beacon’s Closet (Thrift & Vintage store); 11.99 USD

Shoes & Bag

Black Leather Lace-Up Booties: We Who See (Urban Outfitters last years); 129.00 USD

Black and Brown Vintage Leather Bag: Cardon (Beacon’s Closet); 10.99USD




Brown Leather Metal Wingtip Men’s Belt: No Relations vintage & thrift in New York; 10.00 USD

Silver Tree Bark Ring: Beacon’s Closet; 6.95 USD

1960’s Navajo Ring: Vintage; 20.00 USD

Bronze & Silver Braided Bands: Flea Market; 1.00 USD each

Feather Earring: Beacon’s Closet: New for a pair 11.00 USD


Love & Beauty Pastel Orange Nail Polish: Forever 21; 2.99 USD


Front View

Side View


Aerial view (lol) also the gray tones you see in my hair is exactly that I was born with a lot of gray strands that you can only see in very bright direct light. I use to hate it but now I love.

This is Jasper (she has green eyes but you can’t tell with the lighting) she is a beautiful stray cat that is super friendly and loves to have her belly rubbed.  She wanted to be a part of the photos. I am assuming she was a house cat because of her friendliness. Unfortunately, I can’t take her in because I have a Persian cat that is a bit possessive. She followed my boyfriend home so now we feed her. Jasper just had kittens and we actually had to rescue one of her kittens because she was attacked by a raccoon that bit off her tail and leg. So devastating!