Click on read more+comment to see more pics. I have fallen head over heals with silk! I think it started when I bought that little black silk dress to wear the day I graduated from grad school. But silk…can I ask you a question? Why in the hale are you so got dang expensive!!!??

I love it sooo… that I am willing to splurge on it in spite of the price tag. The top is silk from Club Monaco, on sale for $30 (deal!!!) the black silk pants are also Club Monaco on sale for $72 (not a deal :( but I would wear you forever if it wasn’t getting cold). I have been eye balling nothing but silk tops lately and they are like $100 and up! Lord help me and give me the strength! The taupe 80s pumps were a steal from Beacon’s Closet for a mere $14. My 24k gold chain with Herkimer diamond was handmade by a jewelry designer and purchased for $240 at a tattoo shop that closed down called Brooklyn Adorned in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And I am wearing black nail polish (my fav!).