Click on read more and comment to see the socks :).Here I go with a plain Jane out fit that one of our lovely ladies requested for the more minimalist types ;). I still believe I am a minimalist, this is actually something I normally wear like everyday. On a cooler day like today I like to layer a t-shirt, sweater, then a jacket. Today I have on my over sized vintage denim jacket from the 80s/90′s era, price $28 thrifted. I love wearing over sized clothes because it has that look like I borrowed my boyfriends clothes, which by the way I totally didn’t because he is much bigger than I am and I would be drowning in his stuff. I am also wearing my favorite Darth Vader socks (Target $ 1.00 from the little boys socks)…heehee…My vintage combat boots will make their appearance in next weeks pics.