Click Read More + Comment for more photos. As I was rifling through some old pictures I realized I forgot to share some random street style photos from last year during fashion week but looking at this photo reminded me of what I really wanted to talk about which is the “standard” size. This deep lilac dress (well actually a slip) is a favorite from Lane Bryant. Of course the fact that I am 5’11” without heels helps me not to drown in larger sizes but the truth is when shopping for any type of garment, never let the size deter you from purchasing an item you love.


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Lilac Burnout Slip Dress; Cacique by Lane Bryant  



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Button Down Taupe Sheer Sleeveless Shirt; Forever 21


Knowing there is no current official standard size and even a size 6 by one designer could mean a size 10 with another can make sense of this numbers game.  Therefore paying attention more to the fit than actual size can make your shopping experience much more enjoyable! I don’t know how many times I have seen women squeeze into a smaller size when a larger garment would look so much more flattering, much like a designer label, some women refuse to let go of a number, but let me give you more incentive in why you should.


You might be surprised that the standard guideline for sizing or fit is still based off a 70 year old, US Department of Commerce study. Yes, a 70 year old study and according to Associate Professor with The University of Arizona Division of Retailing and Consumer Studies, Ellen Goldsberry,  the 2,000 women who were measured for that study were mostly young, unmarried, white women. This same study also includes outdated info of the average size of a woman which in 1941 was 5′ 2″, 129 pounds but today she is averaging 5′ 4″, wearing sizes 12 & 14, weighing 144 lbs. Also regarding average sizing, debunking old studies, todays woman is more heavier hip wise known as pear shaped versus the “standard” hourglass shape which is a more evenly distributed weight, but smaller in the waist. Goldsberry advises being more aware of your body and measurements versus the sizing tag on a garment and I couldn’t agree more!


“Age is just a number” well so is label size, literally in my closet I have sizes ranging from 4-2X.  Knowing your measurements far succeeds anything else, and can help you shop online with better results. Even thrifting and vintage shopping online sites such as eBay and Etsy can be a gold mine if you correctly know your measurements. So the next time someone asks, “What size are you?” simply say “Size is just a number!”


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5 Piece NecklaceeBay



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Jeffrey Campbell Litas; Solestruck



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Below are some go to video tutorials on how to properly attain your body measurements:


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