To see more pics click on read more and comment. I love, love, love vintage T-shirts! This Pink Floyd one is my absolutely favorite one of the bunch, as music heavily influences my style. Pink Floyd is one of the best bands of all time so I had to get this vintage shirt from the 80s. It came in at a whopping $60, yes that’s pricey but they can go for a lot more because these old band shirts are “rare” and can run way into the $200 range. I paired it with vintage 80s Levis high waisted jean shorts that were $24 from Urban Outfitters, I live in these shorts during the summer :). I am wearing black stalkings/tights underneath because the day was a bit cool and breezy. Again, I’m a minimalist but I like to add  pieces that pop sometimes, so that would be my red leather fringe bag from the 70s era in this case. The bag $60 from Etsy. And finally I’m showing the shoes I wore…lol, black little pixie boots from the 80s era from Ebay for $40.