Via: Teen Vogue
By: Siraad Dirshe
Photographer: Terry Gates
Why is it that the road to clear, glowing skin seems to always be paved with inconvenient breakouts, crazy beauty hacks, and far too many trips to Sephora? While many of us can barely remember to exfoliate once a week (preferably with this guy), there are a few skincare goddesses among us who seem to have it all figured out – enter your 9 new BFFs. Not only are these women killing when it comes to their careers, they’re self-made women each making a name for themselves in everything from music to beauty, but they also have skincare routines that put even the best of us to shame. And if that wasn’t enough, these ladies embody the meaning of #blackgirlmagic; they’re true to themselves and won’t let anyone or anything stop them from achieving their dreams.
Since sharing is caring we’re letting you in on all their glowing secrets. You can thank us later! From only using all-natural products to slathering on coconut oil these ladies know how to keep their skin radiant. So if you’ve been trying to up your skincare game (who isn’t?) then pay close attention because these ladies will have your skin #flawless in no time!


Teen Vogue: What’s your current AM skin care routine?

Cipriana: I wash my face with Dr. Bronner’s organic Castile Almond liquid soap then moisturize with a dime size amount of 100% extra virgin coconut oil. Green juice the heck out of the morning then I hit the gym.
Teen Vogue: Would you describe yourself as more of a minimalist or skin care junkie?

Cipriana: Definitely a minimalist, I need to always be prepared for any type of apocalypse, lol.
Teen Vogue: Skin care is huge right now, what’s the one thing that gets your skin looking it’s best?

Cipriana: Water-sleep-diet-exercise….tried to make all 4 into one word, they are all so impertinent, I can’t choose between them. Water, sleep and diet for obvious reasons but exercise has a huge role in clearer skin. When we age, fibroblasts [which sounds like terminology used in the film Ghostbusters but is actually skin collagen-producing cells] lose their momentum and production decreases, but the nutrients passed to the epidermis during your workout routine help fibroblasts work more efficiently, maintaining youthful looking skin.
Teen Vogue: If you could only use three skin care products for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

Cipriana: Coconut oil, coconut oil and oh coconut oil, lol. It really is the only product I use for my skin. I use it not only as a moisturizer but a makeup remover. If I am ever stranded on a deserted island with coconut trees I am all set. Plus 100% extra virgin Coconut Oil is the only oil on earth that has about 50% of water’s moisturizing components, 100% extra virgin Olive Oil comes in at at about 25%. Also unlike most oils that will clog and rest their shiny unapologetic self on top of the epidermis, coconut oil is absorbed by the skin which helps in decreasing breakouts and clear pores.
Teen Vogue: What’s the best skin advice you’ve ever received? For example, always wear sunscreen or make sure to take off your makeup before going to bed.

Cipriana: I have three, like an Oreo cookie you need both sides of the cookie and the filling for it to make sense.. 1st WATER! Water is really one of nature’s best tools in flushing out toxins and keeping your skin hydrated, clear and refreshed.
Second, consume less or low levels of sugar and salt. As good as it tastes (I probably have they biggest sweet-tooth in the universe, excluding aliens unless they eat sugar as well or the Cookie Monster), too much sugar and salt can increase the activity of unstable molecules known as “free radicals” within your body, causing cell damage or slow cell repair, inhibiting the body to heal itself properly. We all have something called superoxide dismutase (SOD) a defense system that stabilizes the levels of free radicals, but as we age so do SOD and it’s defense against these pesky disrespectful molecules weaken. That leaves the free radicals to have their way with our cells. In short responsible for all kinds ailments to the body including a host of diseases and premature aging.
Last but not least, exercise. I know I mentioned this above but exercise is so impertinent to maintaining or improving the skin’s health. Besides keeping up our fibroblasts momentum it helps to reduce body inflammation, prevent free-radical damage and helps regulate hormones. When you do physical activity the tiny arteries in your skin open, allowing more blood to pass, reaching the skin’s surface, delivering nutrients that repair epidermis damage from environmental elements like pollutants and too much sun. These nutrients also assist in maintaining the skin’s elasticity, keeping wrinkles at bay.
Teen Vogue: What’s one piece of skin care advice you’d give to your younger self? Why’s that?

Cipriana: Sleep! As simple as this sounds, sometimes I can deprive myself of this. I constantly have to remind myself to take a breather and to abide by one of the most important parts of life as well as my mind body and soul. I would tell my younger self to never forget that, I could have saved myself from many moments of feeling completely and dangerously drained. As Nas said “sleep is the cousin of death” well that might be true but if you are not getting enough it might lead to a quicker one.
Teen Vogue: What one skin care product are you currently obsessing over?

Cipriana: Water, it’s nature’s magic juice!
Teen Vogue: What does #blackgirlmagic mean to you?

Cipriana: Unapologetically loving every part of yourself in a way that inspires others, but not from purposely trying but simply just being who you are…your best self.
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