It seems I have been getting the random (for the most part the majority is supportive) emails of individuals who want to debate me on the authenticity of my texture type. I feel I have major support from many of our reader but I am going to be honest it is a bit frustrating and funny when someone asks me the texture of my hair and I tell them 4b-c and then they respond “oh really are you sure?” It is not the first question that I find disappointing it is the response and the second question that follows because of the lack of belief. No matter how you feel about the hair typing system my hair is obviously “kinky:” as you can tell with the picture on the left which was a cover I shot years ago. My hair was drenched in water which created shrinkage but also extreme amounts of product and a butt load of Murphy’s wax (that wax could hold anything together) helped to even resemble some form of a curl. Without product my hair does not clump up to even resemble the photo on the left. Now the photo on the right is my hair in its present state which is loose twist. I do not use heat but I do prefer stretching my strands through braided styles after my washing process. Now the stretching of my strands is not for the appeal of the look because if I was going simply for appeal I would wear my hair in a big a@s afro every single day but since my goal is length and health, for my texture it is literally impossible for me to wear my hair free form every day without some protective style. Now without the aid of protective styling my hair would lose moisture faster than the speed of light, break and tangle to a point that would reach out of my control. The afro is my preferred style of choice but now as my hair has gotten longer I have found a very happy medium with loose twist where I can still achieve the look of big hair while keeping my sanity.

Now because of the long misconceived preconception that kinky hair is not able to grow and that it is “supposed” to look a certain way! I can understand people’s confusion (even though I think my hair in loose twist looks every bit of the beautiful kinkiness it is) on why when they see individuals with textures in the 4 range with longer lengths and a certain physicality they might want to second guess the actual texture that is stated but maybe that misbelief stems from personal experience of not being able to grow oneself hair to longer lengths. So I can understand where that frustration might be coming from but to deny another of their true texture because they have reached a goal or look you have been unable to attain is not the best response. Instead why not ask what they are doing that I may be able to add to my regimen that might help me to reach my own hair goals. Nikisha and I did not start this blog to simply flaunt pictures of hair but to provide info on fashion and hair in hoping you may be able to take something we provide that might cater to your own needs. This is why if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask :)


Now don’t take my frustration as anger because really my frustration is disappointment but at the same time I do understand the less educated you are about the versatility of looks the 4 range hair can achieve the more you might be in denial if you are not exposed to it first hand, The main reason Nikisha and I started UrbanBushBabes is to uplift and create a space of inspiration unity and acceptance of uniqueness but I also wanted to show women that all hair no matter what the texture can achieve health and length but that is only if you are ready to really commit to the necessary steps it takes for these results.

Has anyone ever been asked a question referring your hair and then accused you of not being truthful? Whether it be length, texture, ethnicity etc.?