Protective styles can be very beneficial for your strands and certain hair goals you want to obtain for yourself but like anything in this world it takes work and upkeep to maintain a healthy protective style and lack of care can cause your tresses to disintegrate like a vampire exposed to light. Here are 3 simple steps to ensure your locks won’t turn to dust.   

1. Low Tension:  If hair is too tight or you experience any type of uncomfortable tension from a hairstyle, weave or braids do not be lazy and have the mentality to deal with the pain in thinking it will loosen in a couple of days the damage that can be done in a short amount of time can sometimes be irreversible.  If you need reinforcement look up images of traction alopecia which sometimes can be permanent. Fortunately my ordeal with traction alopecia years ago from high stressed hairstyles was reversible but I do speak from experience and with love so ladies keep tension at a minimum.

2. Moisturize: Do not think because your hair is in a protective style it does not need care. Protective styling still needs TLC and special attention, lack of can cause dryness, breakage, excessive split ends or unintentional dreading. Like a vine you must continue constant pruning or the plant will grow beyond measures that will be hard to control.

3. Time:  Leaving your hair in a protective style to the hands of time for too long can leave you in a state of extreme distress when it comes to your detangling sessions. The most I will leave my protective styles in is for a week sometimes two (because I wear loose twist) but no longer then three and this is with constant healthy hair care practices. Also remember depending on the length loose protective styles that are not placed in an updo of some sort are still susceptible to split ends from friction of certain clothing or hats you might wear.

In the end protective styles are highly recommended and through my own personal experience this is definitely a hair staple that will frequent my regimen for years to come but just remember anything positive can also be negative if certain precautions are not taken into consideration.

What is your favorite protective style you prefer to rock most frequently?