“Sadly I didn’t care, I was one of those people who would say, one person can’t make a difference it doesn’t matter. I was one of those people. After I saw Selma, I realized that was total poop, that was not true! I feel like if I stand up with a lot of adults and other children, and marched just like Martin Luther King did, we can make a difference.” -Eridon




“10 year old Eridon, an aspiring Radical Brownie, caught my attention at a ‘Black Lives Matter’ event in Seattle. As the only child in the audience, she courageously posed questions for the powerful panel of Black scholars and activists. Eridon’s mother is a transracial adoptee of the 60’s which has undoubtedly provided fodder for her young, inquisitive mind in learning about race relations in the United States.” -Angela Tucker of ‘The Adopted Life




In this powerful and heartwarming interview, Blogger/Speaker/Educator; Angela Tucker of site ‘The Adopted Life’ sits down with 10 year old, Eridon as she discusses racism, Christopher Columbus and her thoughts after seeing Selma for the first time. Watch this candid conversation below.


*Eridon is not an adoptee





Angela Tucker is a transracial adoptee and the subject of the documentary, Closure. She uses her personal story to educate others and encourage stimulating and transformative conversation amongst adoptive parents, adoptees, birth parents and prompt procedural change specifically around adoptee rights. Angela’s unique worldview, passion for humanity and justice combined with her education and work experience in the social work field combine to form powerful and engaging presentations, while maintaining great respect for the topics. Angela has written exclusively for Christianity Today, the Dave Thomas Foundation and provided a rebuttal to NPR. She has been featured on BBC World Have Your Say, Huffington Post, Slate Magazine, The Daily Kos, and other publications. (info via:


1 *Transracial adoption: refers to the act of placing a child of one racial or ethnic group with adoptive parents of another racial or ethnic group. -wikipedia