Click “Read More/Comment” for additional photos. Based from my hometown Baltimore, MD Photographer, Glenford Nunez of Trust Your reached out to us in regards of shooting for “The Coiffure Project”, an incredibly stunning series of natural hair portraits by Nunez.

The Coiffure Project is in the early stages of a portrait book he is working on that will be titled under the same name. Working with numerous models with natural hair, Nunez easily related with my bio and the detrimental and dyer state my hair suffered in the past as a black model in the fashion industry. Unfortunately this is not an anomaly and more of a common occurrence! Nunez agrees in stating…

“Amazing Story! Believe it or not, it is not the first time I’ve heard it. I work with a number of models with natural hair that share your experiences. I often hear horror stories of the torture that they go through because of their hair.”

Like many professions time is money and this certainly does not exclude the industry of fashion, but time is exactly what is needed to properly style and care for curly hair when altering the natural texture to a different state especially through heat… and there lies the dilemma, which is why I can truly appreciate a photographic series celebrating the splendidness of natural hair and women of color.

Below is a preview of  The Coiffure Project that easily can be described as…effortless, breathtaking beauty at its best!




The Coiffure Project

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