Last week Writer, Comedian and Vlogger/Blogger, Franchesca Rasmey of Chescalocs and Chescaleigh wrote, produced & edited a genius parody called ‘The Secret to LONG Natural Hair’  which included Fran of HeyFranHey, Taren Guy and Myleik of Curlbox, Franchesca and us. The video is a spoof infomercial entertaining the idea of a magic product called ‘Patience’. First let me say the positive reaction has been incredible and for the majority, the TRUE message behind the ‘The Secret to Long Hair’ is loud and clear but for others the message came across as something entirely different as if we were conspiring a hidden agenda. Comments have ranged from:

“We were making light of those who were struggling in their own hair journeys”

The video was “condescending”

“Why is there is only a representation of mixed ethnicities” (as if the representation of a black woman looks a certain way)

Refusing my ethnicity because I “have to be mixed with something to have long hair”

“Locs do not count as REAL natural hair” or “Locs are easier to maintain”

My hair is “Fake” yes “Fake”

“It took her a couple of years to get to that length” (No I just woke up with long hair, it didn’t take me 6 years since my big chop to get to this length and another 7 years of trial and error to figure it out)

To a host of other commentary that is too ridiculous to mention. Besides the confusion of those who thought we were “making light of their own hair journey” some of these comments were such an utterly sad representation of ignorance, and I don’t say this lightly, because in the past I had to acknowledge my own prejudices to get to the point where I am today. Though sad as these comments were to see, were they a surprise…no, and I really hate to say that but I was not surprised in the least.

‘The Secret to Long Natural Hair’ was spawned over lunch one day with Franchesca, Fran of Hey Fran Hey, Nikisha and I while discussing a collaboration of some sort regarding a series together. Since we were all good friends we were toying with ideas in what would be the pivotal focus point of the videos. I threw out an idea that we should make a hair commercial or product parody of some sort and the rest is “Chesca History”. We of course had no clue the controversy it would stir.

The simple lesson behind ‘The secret to long hair’ is that it doesn’t happen overnight and there is no miracle product on the market anywhere that can make your hair magically grow 12 inches in a year or if perhaps you are having insecurities on loving your natural texture, there is no secret formula or potion to replace the work of ‘Patience’, but for some they felt it was condescending. The definition of condescend is “ to behave as if one is conscious of descending from a superior position, rank or dignity”…REALLY, the day we feel we are coming from a superior position due to our hair is a very sad, disgusting and pitiful day indeed. Long story short we all have been there and we were really making light of our own experiences, a little ‘Patience’ is something we all had to learn as well. The lesson is as simple as that.

I could really go on and on and break down the negative comments one by one but I think many of us understand where the negativity stems from. Everyone on this planet has insecurities, in fact if you show me a person who has none, I will show you a person who is telling a damn lie. Insecurities only push us to be our better selves and since perfection is a game no one can win, it really boils down to three types (in my perception).

The Healers: Individuals who have a few insecurities but are willing to face them and not take them out on others.

The Vindicators:  Those who recognize their own insecurities and lash out to others in some way because of them but are willing to acknowledge when they are wrong and apologize for their actions.

The Damned: Then there are those who are choosing to turn the other way without facing the source of the problem or even absolutely oblivious (living in the Matrix) and lash out on those who conjure up all of those insecurities that lie within them-selves.

The third type is obviously the most detrimental. For some we are not our hair but this video certainly touched a nerve and has shown me for many we still are! We are definitely going to try and change and rid most of these preconceived misconceptions that surround natural hair because the real root of the problem really stems from within, hair is just the tip of the iceberg. I can tell you though, an overview of some of the negative responses surrounding this video and it looks like we have a bit of work to do! This will not be the last but just the beginning so get ready!

For the many of you who got the message, thank you!!! We were acting (I cannot believe some people thought that snooty a@s attitude of mine was for real, I am such a nerd, lol) and making a light response to the thousands of questions regarding “how can I make my hair grow faster”. You know here on Urban Bush Babes as well as Franchesca and HeyFranHey want nothing more than to show love, support and uplift and if you are a part of our community then you already know but the simple fact is you can’t please everyone. For those who did not translate the message in a positive way, well hopefully through getting to know us through our journeys, blogs and YouTube channels you will realize it was coming from a place of love in wanting to liberate the beauty that comes from within with a little…patience.

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