The cure for the insecure. There is a epidemic of insecure people in our society today, and an identity crisis. People just don’t know who they are. Your worth & value is not in anything that you do. Do you use the worlds standards like money, status, clothes, etc… to prove to yourself & others that your valuable? So you feel more valuable when you look better, you feel more valuable when you own the right things. I need strokes & feedback from other people to prove to myself & others that I am lovable. Therefore I need a fresh fix of strokes everyday, just to get through the day feeling good about myself. People like that, can’t maintain & sustain healthy loving relationships, because everything becomes selfish and it’s all about that person getting someone else to make them feel good about themselves so they aren’t able to give. -Joyce Meyer

Check out the video on Cure for the Insecure in the link below! It’s AWESOME!!!! ♥ Nikisha

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