I don’t know what kind of world offers you a bed of roses…in the literal sense as in roses and flowers as your bed, bejeweled crowns and a majestic ambiance that unexpectedly seizes you until you’re more than happy to acquiesce to any demands but I would like in. Please. Fifteen-year-old Willow Smith has teamed up with Stance Socks for a fun, eclectic and stylish collection by the name of ‘Miss Dazey.’ View a few of the stunning images below and why this ethereal campaign continues to highlight why Willow is on another plane that is majestic, bold and all her own.
Photographer: Olivia Malone
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Willow 6

Willow 9

Willow 5a

Willow 2

Willow Smith 12

Willow 7

Willow 8

Willow 3

Willow 11

Willow Smith 13

Willow 1

For more on the ‘Miss Dazey’ collection visit stance.com