Earlier on in the week I did a post on what hairstyle makes you feel sexy. I asked you lovely ladies to email me their pics. So here they go, check em’ out!


Maya D. aka Emma


Maya D. aka Emma


Lauren W. I call this hairstyle the curly pony frohawk. I love this hairstyle & I always get alot of compliments when I wear it. I just do my usual wash and go, take the middle and pin it to the sides and I leave some hair out in the front. Easy, fun, and cute!


Patricia L. I love just letting my fro do it’s thing. Honestly, I get the most compliments and double-takes whenI’ve put little to no effort into my hair.


Sydney D. This is my favorite hair style. I feel sexiest when my hair is up so you can see my entire face. I also feel sexiest when my hair is BIG. I don’t have a name for it, because I got the style from one of my favorite youtube vloggers Ms.Vaugn…As Im growing older my sense of style is changing a bit. I’ve become a huge fan of everything vintage, “old school”, the 60′s,70′s,and 80′s. I feel like this style reflects that. All I use is bobby pins. I make two french braids up the top and stop at the crown, and secure them down with bobby pins. I pin the sides up as if I was doing a fro-hawk, and thats it! I sometimes pull a little hair out on the side just ‘because.’ But this is one of my signature styles that I love.


LaFona. My feel sexy hair floppy fro lol :)


Carolynn W. I personally like anything wild and free like twist outs, braid outs, wash and go’s, Afro just out! lol While I love protective styles, sometimes they make me feel constrained depending on the style but wearing my hair out is never a fail. It makes me feel free, sexy, smart, it just goes well with all the different sides of me. Loose hair floats along with all my different layers like the wind. It reflects truest essence of me Cee :)


Carolynn W.


Nikkia J.My favorite style is the braid and curl. My mother affectionately calls it the “Joan Clayton” lol.



Nikkia J.



pyt2florida. Twist out or braid out. Make feel cool and chic.