I came across this wonderful company called holBOX. After I did some research I found out that the beautiful former Urban Bush Babe Ebony (a.k.a EClark on facebook) has been using holBOX. You can also see testimonials from other women on holBOX’s facebook page. I am going to be receiving my first  holBOX for the month of May and I will be sharing my experience with you guys!  Below is information on what holBOX is!


What is holBOX?


The holBOX will feature 5-7 organic/natural product samples that can be used on the body, hair, mind and in the household. Every month we will hand select  a variety of items that will help you as you transition into living a holistic lifestyle. We know that there are alot of organic and natural products on the market and our service will serve as a starting point on your journey to being in harmony with nature. Transitioning is a step-by-step process. It is unreasonable to think that you can transform over night. The holBOX will assist you as you begin to “STEP DOWN” from using processed products. Though all products featured may not be 100% orgnaic/natural but they will meet our objective to inform you of a “better” choice to support you as you step down and develop habits that suit your desired lifestyle. 


EClarks April holBOX (pic via EClark)



March holBOX: All Things Coconut



“In addition to brands/products recommended by staff, once a month we do an organic market crawl where we purchase products that we have never tried and pique our interest,” says Grace Wiggins, founder/CEO. “We also make an effort to feature up-and-coming brands that offer organic/natural products.”


February’s holBOX



“Overall, we want our subscribers to become educated consumers who can differentiate a good product over good packing/marketing. holBOX is not just a sample box business, it is a service to women seeking to transition into living holistically.” Furthermore, holBOX is affiliated with nonprofit United Sisters Mentoring Program, offering a career study program for female college students.


All the products in each box are wrapped in this beautiful cloth which can be used as a head wrap. Talk about an awesome way to recycle!