The ubiquitous influence of the Marley name has always burned strong by the flames of Bob Marley’s children and grandchildren and now quite a few, in their first photo shoot together in over a decade, are far from extinguishing that flame with photographer Eric Ray Davidson for GQ magazine. View images below and visit GQ to discover the latest with Bob Marley’s family and why the name will always be a factor in the past, present and future of music.

GQ CedellaCedella Marley
GQ_ ZiggyZiggy Marley
GQ Skip _ grandsonSkip Marley
GQ KarenKaren Marley
GQ StephenStephen Marley
GQ Joseph "Jo Mersa" MarleyJoseph “Jo Mersa” Marley
GQ Julian_grandsonJulian Marley
GQ Ky-ManiKy-Mani Marley
GQ RohanRohan Marley
GQ RobbieRobbie Marley
GQ Danian "Jr. Gong" MarleyDamian “Jr. Gong” Marley
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