Click Read More Comment for additional photos. “I don’t think I can go a single day without talking about fashion or about what’s next on my list of clothes or shoes to buy. I think my friends, family and especially my boyfriend are sick of hearing about it. So I thought why not start a blog where I can start writing about fashion as freely as I want to, everyone who likes fashion as much as I do, or is willing to listen. I want to keep my blog original. I’m not aiming to talk about what’s in trend or isn’t. I believe fashion is what you make it, so wear what you like when you want =]. I’m simply going to be posting things I like and letting you know where you can find them along with keeping you updated with some of my favorite shops. I live in London and study in Canterbury so I’m obsessed with street fashion people always look good everywhere you look. I’m going to keep my blog based on street fashion. Everything I post will be at affordable prices from high street shops, vintage and charity shops, simple, because they are the best, if you know where to look you can find awesome things.”- Marisa Martins of Messy Wardrobe



































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