Featured Photo: Diego Villarreal
via: New York Times


“This is Bill Cunningham from New York City and this week it’s a story that involves the young art world and the young fashion world and it gave me the greatest hope for our civilization. If you ever were despondent it about the big business and branding of art and fashion forget it a new generation just opened the door to fresh air. These kids never going to have anything to do with chorale force-fed fashion presentation, they think for themselves. The creative fountain of these people it was just wonderful. Have hope that there are people thinking well outside the block in both the art world and the fashion world.” - New York Times Fashion Photographer; Bill Cunningham
We are extremely elated and beyond flattered be included in a group of individuals that the legendary Bill Cunningham considers to be the “greatest hope for our civilization” in the fashion and art world. Watch below to here the full candid story from Cunningham.


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Photo: Diego Villarreal  | Wardrobe: KISUA | Cipriana Quann (R) and TK Quann aka TK Wonder