Meet the seven most fashionable New Yorkers: The stylish New Yorkers who are kicking fashion’s ass right now with no trends or runways required
via: TimeOut Magazine
by: Jennifer Picht
Photographer: Raydene Salinas
Makeup: Nico Lopez / NARS
Stylists: Cipriana Quann and TK Quann (aka TK Wonder) 

A stylish revolution is (finally!) happening. Folks are moving further away from popular fashion trends and putting the focus on heightening individuality instead. That’s why we chose to highlight seven smart-dressed New Yorkers, which radiate a unique style persona, in our spring fashion style guide. And do you know what we found out? Their cool demeanor has very little to do with the garb they’re wearing or where they shop (FYI: Most scour at vintage clothes shops and some of the best shops in NYC)—it actually has everything to do with who they are as genuine human beings. Shocker! So in the most convenient definitions, meet NYC’s stylish version of The Breakfast Club, comprising The Human Lite-Brite, The Craft Addict, The Urban Wave-Rider, The Punk 2.0, The Genderf*cker and The Avant-Bohemians which truly represent one image, and one image alone: Originality.
IMG_1676 Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder; The avant-bohemians  (Dresses: Jonathan Cohen / Ankle Boots: Topshop / Plaid Scarf: Adeam / Makeup: NARS) * Location: The Ace Hotel, Loft Suit
28, cofounder of Urban Bush Babes Bushwick, and 28, musician, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Not familiar with stunning, identical twin sisters TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann (pictured, from left to right)? You should be, and not just because they’ve been in major fashion mags like Vogue and seemingly every street-style roundup that’s popped up on Facebook. It’s because the Urban Bush Babes collaborators are women who, at the epicenter of all the hustle and bustle, fuse avant-garde fashion with functional threads to create an eclectic urban aesthetic paired with killer confidence. (In short, we see pictures of them and are kind of annoyed by how damn cool they are.) These days, the Baltimore transplants are instantly recognizable by their gorgeous natural hair and outstanding wardrobes—some of which includes cheap steals from thrift stores like the Mobile Vintage Shop and Beacon’s Closet—but they weren’t always so self-assured. “I started out in the modeling industry, but my confidence swayed during that time,” recalls Cipriana. “I wasn’t deemed commercially appealing because of the texture of my hair, and I was told to change it.” Her frustrations spurred her to quit modeling and cofound Urban Bush Babes, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle website that aims to inspire women of various ethnicities. “TK is a performer, and musicians are celebrated as individuals, whereas as a model, I felt like a mannequin,” says Cipriana. “I always admired my sister because she wore whatever she wanted.” TK’s electronic music has garnered attention from the likes of Sting and N.E.R.D, but when she’s onstage, she’s not worried about how her look is perceived: “When I’m in front of over half a million people, I don’t care what they think,” she says. “I hope it resonates with people, but the way I move and my style comes naturally. I definitely take it offstage with me.” Take a bow, ladies…For more photos and to read much more on TimeOut magazine’s “Seven most Fashionable New Yorkers”, the Spring fashion issue visit
IMG_1664 Dress: Jonathan Cohen / Suede Vest: Forever 21 / Button Down Blouse: Jonathan Cohen / Scarf: 28 Scott (aka Mobile Vintage BK)
IMG_1661 Dress: Jonathan Cohen / Purse and Belt: 28 Scott (aka Mobile Vintage Shop BK)

IMG_1654 TK (L): Elle Sasson / Shoes: GX by Gwen Stefani * Cipriana (R) Elle Sasson / Coat: Marimekko / Shoes: Nine West / Clutch: 28 Scott (aka The Mobile Vintage Shop)
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