Stranger: Is that all your hair? You: Yes it is. Stranger: Really? May I touch your hair?  You: Sure

Well I think you may know where I am going with this but sometimes my generosity would only be violated as this stranger would try and reach straight for the scalp to see if I was telling them the truth! Lawd have mercy and give me the strength to refrain from doing something (with my fist) I might regret! After all if I’m not mistaken they did ask to touch my HAIR! When it comes to strangers asking to touch my hair I truly believe some people are just curious and coming from a good place especially those who are not exposed or familiar with the wonderful world of curly naturalness but others may have insidious intentions in mind.

I utterly and completely appreciate people stopping and asking questions about my hair which I have no qualms with and quite enjoy answering inquiring minds but now as I am older and care less what people think of me and if my hair is real or not I have now adopted the phrase my father taught me as a child: “Don’t touch my hair”

How do you feel? Yes to touching of your hair by strangers or “ask but don’t touch policy?