Click Read More/Comment for additional photos. I was just pleasantly alerted by Artist/Blogger/UBB interviewee Kasalina, (of blog MALIAMU) of my-self, while working an event at the Standard was published on The Sartorialist. For those of you who are not familiar with this hypnotizing site and the Founder/Blogger/Photographer of the The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, I have in the past announced my love and described The Sartorialist as a “collection of incredibly, vivid, inspirational and impeccable street style photos (or pieces of art which seem more of a fitting description)” from a world renowned photographer.

Reiterating my own comments from a previous post last August; “Scott Schuman has more than an “eye” as many would say, I believe this man possesses a “third eye” that has an ability to see and bring forth colors, cuts, in even the most miniscule details of his subject’s style through his photographs,  that always seem to fit flawlessly in the scenery they are surrounded by, almost as if Schuman places the environment strategically around the subjects as a huge accessory according to the individual’s attire.” Of course I would love to claim The Sartorialist as my little hidden gem  to share with all of you but with over 10 million page views per month this is far from incognito.

The featured photo was taken in regards to a book Schuman purchased titled, West Side Rendezvous by Katsu Naito. Schuman states West Side Rendezvous is…

New York’s Meatpacking District in the early 90′s when it was still an outlaw area.  Actually the shot above (on Washington Street) would be just to the right of the photo below.  The change in just 15 to 20 years is so dramatic.



This “young lady(?)” is standing right about where I was standing when I took the photo of the young lady above while she works at The Standard.   Yes, there was a time when transgender prostitutes walked the streets in New York in broad daylight.

If you love New York you have to get this book.  Not only is the sub-culture covered fascinating but the actual real drama of the images are heartbreaking.” -Schuman


I remember the day my photo was taken because I heard a voice asking to take my picture and I looked up and it was someone who looked like Scott Schuman, I felt an extremely calming and sincere vibe from him as he was shooting but I was working and before I could say I love your site, he said thank you and was swiftly off on his bike.  Soon doubt came into play and I wasn’t sure if it was actually him until this moment. I am not going to lie I have always visualized being shot by Scott Schuman in my most fabulous attire even if it is only from the waist up, lol (I had some seriously cute Jeffrey Campbell forest green ankle booties on).  All jokes aside I think it is a pretty good day to be a part of the Sartorialist site, after admiration all these years!


The Sartorialist