The Sartorialist is a collection of incredibly, vivid, inspirational and impeccable street style photos (or pieces of art which seem more of a fitting description) from renowned Photographer as well as Founder and Blogger, Scott Schuman. I remember the first time I came across The Sartorialist a couple of years ago, not by his well-known blog but by walking into a random book store in the East Village. After hours of browsing from section to section I found myself enveloped in the fashion section and came across a traveling size 500 pg photographic book of individuals style called… yes you guessed it The Sartorialist, I was immediately mesmerized which very soon lead me to the blog under the same name, I completely fell in love and now two years later since that visit to a random east village book store The Sartorialist book still has the capability of putting me into a mesmerized state.

Scott Schuman has more than an “eye”, as many would say I believe this man possesses a “third eye” that has an ability to see and bring forth colors, cuts, in even the most miniscule details of his subject’s style through his photographs that always seem to fit flawlessly in the scenery they are surrounded by, almost as if Schuman places the environment strategically around the subjects as a huge accessory according to the individual’s attire. The Sartorialist site is a favorite therefore visits are daily. Below I have featured some of his most recent work but his archives date back to 2005 so believe me this might consume a bit of your time if you are not familiar with his work and even if you are it might still be hard to pull away. Inspiration comes from many places and one of those places is definitely from the Sartorialist. Visit for a juicy hit of style inspiration and more info on the man behind The Sartorialist.