(Photo by: Jim Petrozzello) Urban Bush Babes stands for positivity, uplifting and sharing the brilliant beauty and talent of others so with that being said let me introduce you to the brilliance and beauty of dancer Aimee Graham. The first time I saw Aimee perform was at the New York Eugene O’ Neil theater on Broadway for the draw dropping, amazingly beautiful, hard to stay in your seat and eleven (yes eleven) nominated Broadway musical Fela which won a Tony for best choreographer by the extraordinary Bill T. Jones which was based off the life of the legendary Nigerian musical genius who was a composer, literally the pioneer of the afro beat music, activist and political noise maker for the unjust. After over a year run Fela ended production in the States early this year but is going strong overseas.

The way Aimee swayed and moved in Fela could bring you to tears and then some. As a dancer Aimee is in a league of her own but not only for her skills but as a beautiful woman who epitomizes the true meaning of Urban Bush Babes. We will follow up with Aimee later this year (due to her busy schedule is in Africa at the moment for Fela just last night Aimee performed at “The New Africa Shrine”  where the Kuti family was in attendance, amongst “The Shrine” patronage and also performed along-side the amazingly talented Femi Kuti. Fela Kuti’s son) for a personal Urban Bush Babe interview but for now enjoy her pictures and bio below. Urban Bush Babes sends much love Aimee!

Powerhouse couples Will Smith & Jada Pinkett along side Aimee (pictured above) along with Jay-Z & Beyonce are the c0-producers

Aimee Graham, principal dancer is part of an incredible ensemble that made Fela come to life but props is also needed for….

the man the myth the legendary choreographer Mr. Bill T. Jones whose work won a Tony for Fela.

Lawd how mercy who doesn’t love Aimee! Top left to bottom right the amazing dopeness of all these artists: Denzel Washington (sigh), Jill Scott, Mos Def, Sting, Usher and John Legend. Also……

the amazing dopeness continues. Excuse my french but really, who in the hell doesn’t love Aimee!  The answer is no one of course, lol but seriously. From left to right: Spike Lee, Don Cheadle and Brooke Sheilds

The pioneer of afro beat music the legendary Fela Kuti

Amazing  Aimee in motion showing us how it is truly done.

Blessings Belle Urban Bush Babes hearts you!


Aimee Graham’s Bio

Aimee Graham is a New-York based Performing Artist born in Bangui (C.A.R) and raised in France. Aimee first received her early movement training at a local dance school of the suburbs of Paris (Seine et Marne). It’s while attending Law school at the University of Paris XII that Aimee made a “drastic” move and decided to drop out of university to move to London and pursue her dream life as a performer. After a tough year of dance training and starving artist existence in London, Aimee returned to Paris and back to school. At the time she started dancing professionally for Reebok and auditioning more aggressively but its the Italian artistic director and choreographer Laura Scozzi, that first gave Aimee the opportunity to make dance her career by casting her to perform in three of her most successful work : “A chacun son serpent” (The musical about Life and Legacy of Boris Vian), “ Etant Donne la Conjoncture Actuelle” and “Sol a sol avec Poids”.

 After a couple of years touring Europe with Laura Scozzi and the Opinioni in Movimiento Aimee moved to New-York City where she started to work with  Forces of Nature Dance Theater (Abdel R. Salaam). Since she moved to New York Aimee has had the opportuntiy to tour the United States and work with an array of artists as Chuck Davis, Dyane Harvey, Nathan Trice, and Bill T. Jones. Growing around the amazing artist community that New York is definitely shaped the performer that Aimee is today.

Aimee’s film credit includes the Davis Lacy’s documentary film on the African Burial Ground. Aimee is currently performing for the groundbreaking new musical, Fela!  You can find this bio and more pictures of this amazing dancer on her website at http://aimeegrahamdance.com