If you are a newbie to the world of natural hair you may feel like Goldilocks lost in the Forest trying to find a hair regimen that works best for you and even if you have been in the natural hair game awhile you still may not have found a regimen that works completely to your liking. I am not here to bombard you with products or methods you must absolutely follow but to share my journey (the good and bad) and offer advice in hoping to make your hair journey become a bit less rocky but in most cases to have success with your hair goals those rocky moments can enlighten and reveal a hair regimen that works best for you.

I am not here to sugar coat how I take care of my hair, it ain’t always easy! I have extremely thick hair (which I definitely count as a blessing) but it has been my decision to maintain longer hair and longer the hair especially for my hair type which is a 4b-c with fine strands the more time you will consume. Let’s just say detangling my hair in less than 3 hours would be a dream and I know this is just what some people may not want to hear but depending on the health, length, hair type, density, thickness of your individual strands and porosity could all equate to many more hours than someone who differs in just one of the previous mentioned.

I believe all hair types are extremely beautiful but I especially want to show women of 4 hair types that tight curl patterns or lack of curl definition does not mean “bad hair” but the exact opposite and just how beautiful our hair can be if you know how to care for it. It is a misconception that our hair can’t grow but some may not want to take the measures to gain healthy hair or maintain length such as minimal to no heat, taking more time and patience to detangle and moisturize, more protective styling, etc. These are all measures I have followed for years and if more time with dealing with your hair is not for you (to be honest I don’t blame you) longer hair perhaps might not be an option. Protective styling saves me some priceless time on my hair but I also love big hair so I found a medium where I can still have the look of big hair (via loose twist) while maintaining a protective style and that medium came with length so I can completely feel for people who have an itch to wear their tresses loose to maintain a type of look. Heaven knows I love me some Afros and huge loose hair but for me this is not an style I can rock often due to my superfine strands that tangle easily so this look is not ideal for me since I want to maintain length. In the end it boils down to what you want to do and the compromises you are willing to make because in the end hair should be fun and when it gets to the point you are experiencing more misery than pleasure it is time to rethink different methods for a regimen that will put you on the path of reaching your personal healthy natural hair goals pleasing to your own needs. Do not have the mentality that a method or regimen will work because of how similar an individual’s hair is to yours because like fingerprints no two heads of hair are the same! After all the point of insanity is doing the same act repeatedly and expecting different results and lawd knows I have been guilty of this myself!

Fortunately in today’s age there are so many outlets you can turn to for advice but cater that advice to your own strands and do not be afraid to do your homework and double or triple check natural hair information you see (anywhere!). In the end all you have to do is listen and your strands will tell you what to do and with time you will become your own hair whisperer and find a regimen that is just right!.

Have you found a regimen that works or are you still on the hunt?