Sometimes I wonder about the women my twin sister and I would have become if my Mother wasn’t such a unfaltering and positive force in my life…I feel blessed this is not my reality. 


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 My parents

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Childhood Pictures 031 rWith our Mom and Grandfather

My Mother is the epitome of what a parent can and should be; unwavering compassion, ALWAYS positive no matter what the circumstance. Never once lifting a hand or spoke in ill will, yet we feared of disrespecting her, only because we never wanted to cause her pain in any capacity. She showed us discipline through love and respect to others. We learned to express not suppress our feelings, all the while never placing her stress upon our shoulders. We truly understood at a very young age that we were lucky to have such a strong, beautiful and intelligent woman in our lives, who through her eyes taught us what unconditional love is; knowing whatever mistakes we made or how many times we failed, she would be there to encourage us every step of the way. You really can’t imagine how a child sees the world, when they are aware that within failure someone will still see beauty in their lost every single time, and unequivocally believe in their success, understanding there are no limitations to freedom, letting them be who they want to be, you truly feel you can accomplish ANYTHING!!! The love I feel for this woman, words really do no justice. 
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On vacation in St Lucia

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With my Mother, Grandfather, twin sister and cousins for our birthday

Today is my Mother’s birthday and I wanted to share what my sister wrote about our Mother, she really described the essence of our relationship perfectly. 


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“I was lucky to be born with a best friend, my twin and brought into this world by another best friend, my mother. In a few minutes it will be her birthday. My sister and I were raised by such an intelligent, beautiful, caring and thoughtful woman. I cannot imagine the type of women we would be if she were not in our lives. Some parents say they are not worried about being their child’s best friend because parenting comes first. Our mom was very much both. She created a bond where we were able to speak to her about anything because she knew as a parent that you don’t want your child seeking advice from someone with malice in their hearts or ill intentions. As a kid I thought she was dope. As an adult I think she is a queen and super dope. Happy Birthday mom and I love you.” -TK Wonder