Below I share how to create my go to hairstyle and staple products with ‘You Beauty’, during the busiest week in New York… New York fashion week. Founded by Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen in 2011, ‘You Beauty’ defies the standard approach of just exterior beauty but also focuses on health and self-esteem, creating a message of “Being comfortable in your own skin. Beautiful is a feeling, and we want you to have that feeling every day”.


Photos: Jane Houle


By Bea McMonagle


How does the fashion flock keep their hair looking so good during the busiest work week of the year?


Fashion Week brings its own unique set of stresses and preoccupations—some ridiculous, some totally valid. But one thing’s for sure—everyone looks good. We picked the brains of six hard working industry ladies and unearthed their streamlined hair routines sure to be helpful when you too are short on time.


As I waited for a table at the Standard (alongside Rachel Zoe’s fashionista son Skyler) I got the lowdown on Urban Bush Babe Cipriana Quann’s sculptural bun.


She has a lot of hair and swears by SheaMoisture Reconstructive Finishing Elixir applied to damp hair. She then separates her hair (100 loose twists) into…


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