Click Read More/ Comment for more pictures. Ever walk into a thrift or vintage store only to see people leaving with massive bags of thrifting finds? Then wonder why you leave the store empty handed? Ever notice if you frequent a vintage or thrift store certain days are more crowded than others? People this is not a coincidence. The people you see on these more crowded days, those buyers you see leaving with massive bags while you walk out empty handed are experienced shoppers and they know something you don’t! Well now that something is about to be revealed. Here are secret tips revealed on finding the good stuff when vintage or thrifting shopping!

1. Find out the day when they restock the shelves:  Some stores restock frequently during the day others only on certain days. To find out simply ask believe me it will make your shopping experience much more pleasurable. Knowing when they stock shelves and how frequently they restock is the golden ticket to first dibs on some amazing finds. 

2. Slow Business Days: Find out the stores “slow business” days. These days are a great way to take advantage of possibly scoring some amazing finds after work.

3. Early Bird gets the worm: Yes this has been heard time and time before but this could not be ever more truer when it comes to vintage and thrift shopping. You will see most stores crowded at certain times for a reason:

  • The weekend: For obvious reason many people have off during the weekend but also stores that allow you to sell or trade are most crowded on the weekend just because of the previous mentioned
  • Early Mornings: Most places will tell you the best time is to shop in the morning and for vintage and thrifting shopping this is a MUST. Most places have a certain day they restock and when they do it will certainly be in the morning or early afternoon. Especially if you are a lover of shoes and wear a larger size. I just talked to a great sales associate at a vintage/thrift store who said they receive plenty of larger sized shoes but since they restock in the morning they literally fly off the shelves so coming late in the evening is useless.
  • After work hours: Not everyone’s schedule allows them to shop during earlier business hours and because of this that after work rush hours cannot be avoided.

4. Dressing Room Finds: Have you ever seen someone walk past you with an amazing piece and wishing you found it first? Chances are they are heading straight to the dressing room. I don’t know how many great pieces I have found because they were discarded for whatever reason. Now this does not mean you have to circle the fitting rooms like an eagle that has found it’s prey but more like a vulture that can sense a creature is on the brink of death.  This is how I refer to clothes that are about to be discarded to the return rack from shoppers.

Following these tips will highly up your chances in walking out satisfied. I always stress the exceptions and if something is meant to be it will be there waiting just for you but just to be safe I will still follow these tips, lol.

*Below are items I purchased from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn, NY

Sam Edelman latte leather ankle boots: 24.95 USD. Regularly priced from 125.00-175.00 USD, these beauties were a put back on the item after a shopper discarded them.

Born Leather Brown ankle work boots: 22.95 USD. Regularly priced  from 120.00-180.00 USD. Born shoes are known for their comfort and I can attest to that statement.

Vintage black strapped sandals: 14.95 USD. Note the small tear close to the toe of the shoe. Little imperfections such as this should not persuade your decision it is a problem that can be easily fixed for little cost.

Bottega Veneta peep toe heels: 17.95 USD. Bottega Veneta’s shoes originally range from 400.00-800.00 USD. Yes that is correct I didn’t add too many zeros.

Taps from the heels are missing but again this problem can be easily rectified at little cost also imperfections such as this brings the value of the item down.

Black Fringe Suede bag with metal decor: 10.95 USD. I have been looking for a black suede fringe bag forever!!! I know the only reason I was able to snag this find is simply because I was at Beacon during early hours.

Gap High Waisted Jean skirt: 9.95 USD

Nina Piccalino Plaid Jean Shirt Vest: 12.95 USD

Vision 1 Loose Cropped Jean Shirt: 13.95 USD

JAG Denim Navajo Western Jean shirt: 15.95 USD.

Leather cord wrap around belt: 9.95 USD