I get asked all the time, “how can I dye my hair safely?”. Many naturals know the answer to that is, henna. Many naturals also know that henna will only dye your hair red. The good news is there is a henna by Lush called Caca Brun Mama that will dye your hair a rich dark brown and Caca Noir Mama that will dye your hair a rich blue-black tint with reddish hues. The other two colors will dye your hair red, which you can find on the site here –> Lush. You can also find out if there is a Lush shop near you by searching with their shop locator tab.

I have never used henna before because I know that it can loosen your curl pattern which I don’t want to do, but a lot of naturals swear by it! I know henna coats the hair making it thicker, stronger, and even helps seal split ends. There are over one hundred rave reviews  for their henna dyes on the site that you can read. I love how they break down the all the non toxic ingredients for each henna bar and show some videos as well :).

Have you used henna?