Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. Wrapping up the Vieilles Charrues festival in France with internationally acclaimed musician/producer/composer, Kiril Džajkovski as the opening act for the one and only Sting and Justice, Lyricist/Songwriter/Singer, TK Wonder is back in the states for a short recuperation before she heads right back to her European tour with Džajkovski.  No amateur to packing light and living in a world where a carry on is a must, style came into the forefront as I was curious to how her performance style developed over the years. Comfort and color were the first thoughts that came to mind as TK seemed to be on the same frequency (then again we are twins) in stating…

“Being comfortable is the ultimate factor. I move around quite a bit whether I’m dancing or working the stage so being comfortable is imperative. Sometimes I feel like I sweat out an entire being on stage because I’m constantly moving so material that absorbs sweat without leaving sweat stains, nothing like a big ol’ sweat stain in front of 80,000 people. Also bright colorful, colorful, colorful outfits whenever I get the chance!”

After my curiosity was quenched I pushed a little further for a quick, impromptu photo shoot of her style when preforming, but since her life is not entirely played out on the stage TK shared a few looks of her off stage style as well.

Sigh, lastly let me just state if she wasn’t my twin she best be careful in not falling asleep around me, because every single piece of her off stage style would be missing in action, lol, just kidding…well maybe.

Getting loose and letting her hair down …literally, TK Wonder shares her “On & Off Stage Style”


On Stage Style




Forever21 –> Bustier Top; 14.80 USD


Solestruck –> Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Boots


Fringe leggings custom design for TK Wonder by


American apparel belt used as a bow–>Nylon Tricot Braided Belt; 6.50 USD




eBay–>American flag leggings; 4.69 USD


American apparel –> Nylon Tricot Braided Belt; 6.50 USD


eBay–> Isabel Marant Knockoff Sneakers (the quality is amazing for the price); 57.77 USD including shipping


Nastygal–> Crawford Bustier top-->; 48.00 USD




Top Shop –> House of Holland suspender tights; 24.00 USD


Karmaloop –> Napoles wedge sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell; 206.00 USD


Cool kids crop top Forever 21 (out of stock) similar item here –> Shine Shine Shine Top; 10.80 USD


Neon yellow hat from our mom’s fiancée




Off Stage Style


Beacons closet –> Flower pants jumpsuit (vintage); 17.99 USD


Chunky Turquoise from my mom. Similar item here –> The Limited Chunky Turquoise Bead Necklace; 29.00 USD


Mens Wool Fedora Hat from Cipriana (15 years old). Similar item found here –> Henry Jones Fedora; 79.00 USD or Lower priced version, Bogart Fedora here–>on sale for 32.00 USD


fringe purse Forever 21 (last season)


Beacons Closet –> Suede Burnt Orange Belt (Thrift); 9.99 USD


Black open toe platform heels–> Steve Madden Grettta Shoes; 89.98 USD






Beacons Closet –> Harem jumpsuit (vintage); 17.99 USD


Bracelets – forever 21 (out of stock) Similar items here–> Wooden bangles; 8.80 USD & Glimmering Painted Bangle Set; 5.80 USD


Necklace Forever 21 (out of stock). Similar items here –> Bohemian Touch Necklace ; 7.80 USD & Native Royalty Necklace ; 4.99 USD


Leopard flats from Karmaloop (out of stock). Similar items here –> London Rebel Leopard Ballet Flats; 29.83 USD or Colin Stuart Ballet Flat; 58.00USD or Steve Madden Vegass-L; 89.93USD



Beacons Closet –> Leopard print scarf (out of stock) 9.99 USD. Similar items here–> Old Navy Leopard Print Infinity Scarf; 14.94 USD or Warehouse Oversize Leopard Scarf; sale $18.23 or ModCloth Save My Spots Scarf; $15.99