“Goodbye New York! I will be leaving tomorrow to embark on a four month music tour in Europe with Kiril Dzajkovski then Brazil in October with Rodrigo Carreira I am super excited and never imagined that performing at poetry and hip hop open mikes in front of a 100 people would take me in front of crowds of a 100,000″ -TK Wonder


crowd shot 7
TK eyes closed
Receiving heart from fan
2 fist out
TK Fist in air
crowd shot 2
TK 2
As Lyricist/Singer/Songwriter, TK Wonder sets sail on a 4 month music tour overseas, watch just released footage and the full interview from last summer’s Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park, as the Opener for Shaggy. 



Footage by: Brooklyn Independent Media
DJ/ Controller: Elijah B Torn
Drummer: Gene Lake