(Photos by: Paul de Roos) No need to put on your glasses or think you are seeing double…well then again actually you are! I would like to introduce my identical twin sister (pictured here with a braidout) the talented, brilliant, amazing and beautiful MC (rapper) TK Wonder (ahhhh how can I say this without sounding egotistical because we are twins… well she is all those things got damn it, lol). TK Wonder can rhyme at the speed of light, writes all her own lyrics and has a heart of gold but on top of all that the issues in which she chooses to spit hits the political and social conscious but twisted into dance tracks you can get down and funky with! Nikisha and I will be following up with the lovely TK Wonder for a video interview as well as a style and hair UrbanBushBabes site interview. TK Wonder is the ultimate definition of the Urban Bush Babe! You Go Girrrrrrl (in my best Martin voice). For now here is a short bio of TK Wonder so you can get more acquainted because she will be a regular on the site. Also if you are in the Brooklyn or NYC area, TK Wonder is performing with Ben Perowsky’s Moodswing Orchestra at Littlefield in BK tonight around 9:45PM. Come join us :)

Artist Bio

TK Wonder, has the notable skill for songwriting and “slamming” lyrics in a very unique hip hop/spoken word fashion that creates a new genre with a significant electro punch. Her singing is as unique as her vibrant presence on stage and her outstanding live performance. TK first became interested in stringing syllables together when she performed spoken-word poetry at the since-demolished downtown venue Wetlands. HER EVOLUTION from poetry to rapping was seamless, as the combination of her stage presence and sharply-honed writing skills merged to create a unique style of telling stories and addressing social issues with intricately-intertwined and multiple-syllable rhymes. TK HAS performed at various venues such as Hiro Ballroom, Studio B, Nublu, Joe’s Pub, Santos Party House, Hunter College, Le Poisson Rouge, Apollo Theater, the legendary Lyricist Lounge show, Delano Hotel in Miami, The Viper Room in LA and the Jazz Cafe in London to name a few. TK Wonder has opened for artists such as Nas, Erykah Badu (Giantstep’s WMC), Raphael Saadiq (Giantstep’s NYC Summerstage) Duffy, Talib Kweli and J*Davey. SHE HAS been featured in magazines such as Giant, Trace, Washington Post, a Japanese publication named Luire as well as Village Voice, Time Out-New York and Jazz Times for her work with Ben Perowsky’s Moodswing Orchestra. Besides her own band TK WonderLand she performs with Moodswing Orchestra which consists of critically acclaimed drummer/composer Ben Perowsky and grammy award winning producer/guitarist Danny Blume. She also works with critically acclaimed artist Kiril Djzakovski. She has performed with Kiril in a few international electronica festivals such as VIP, Exit Fest, Belgrade Beer Fest and Tuborg Greenfest in Europe with audiences ranging from 50,000 to 125,000. During these festivals TK shared the same billing alongside N.E.R.D., The Prodigy, The Hives, Afrika Bambaataa, Sex Pistols and Gossip to name a few. She is currently a featured artist on Giantstep.

More about TK Wonder

Most recently TK Wonder has been on tour in Eastern Europe with critically acclaimed artist Kiril Dzjakovski as well as recording music for his up and coming album, completed a mixtape album entitled ‘Mars’ released thru InterestingSomethings, is a featured artist with Giantstep and will be featured on Peter Kieswalter’s project with Rodgers & Hammerstein commemorating ‘The Sound of Music’ anniversary. She is also part of Urban Art Beats, a mentorship that works with the youth encouraging the world of art and music. She is currently working on an EP with the Moodswing Orchestra as well as working on an EP with InterestingSomethings