To comb or not to comb that is the question! Well for me and those who know my hair practices then the answer is obvious but for those who haven’t let me just say the comb has become a distant memory…….comb what, comb who?  All jokes aside for my hair I feel finger detangling on dry hair has become a necessity not an option at this stage in the hair game.

Type 4 hair is the most fragile of all hair types because as I always state at every curling point along the strand is a potential point of breakage and the more curlier the hair the more potential points of breakage. Us curlies also have to factor in (I know, I know everyone as if the potential points of breakage were not enough) the difficulty sebum from our sebaceous glands has in disposing along our strands due to the curly destination it has to take. Let me rewind, you might be thinking the sebum from the sebaceous WHAT? When I first heard of sebaceous glands to be honest I thought it sounded like it belonged on some type of fish but they are actually microscopic glands on the scalp that produce an oily substance called sebum which lubricates the skin and hair therefore because of our curls sebum has difficulty in traveling down our strands and this leaves us with results of drier hair for lack of natural oils.

I know through personal experience I have seen a huge improvement in density, length and health of my hair due to finger detangling. I’m not here to delude you finger detangling does add more time to your detangling sessions and I know this is not what most people want to hear but sometimes more work is required to reach your personal hair goals. Do not let another individual’s regimen dictate what you need to or want to do because you may have a similar hair type but like fingerprints no two heads of hair are exactly the same for it can differ in density, strand width, length and the time and care in how you manage your strands so keep this in mind when you see someone who has a similar hair type as you, they should only be used as guide not as the holy grail.

Fingers also literally can feel more tangles that you may be able to detangle that a comb sometimes will not pick up until it is too late and SNAP your strand just broke. Now I tried finger detangling years ago and it was an epic fail and this was only because I was not properly and thoroughly taking the time to completely detangle my hair and the results was patches of dreads in some areas of my hair which eventually I had to cut but now I have mastered this method so well I can take a section of finger detangled hair and run a fine tooth comb clean through (I would never suggest a fine tooth comb ya’ll, just making an emphasize). If you have never tried finger detangling and want to give it a shot here is what I would suggest. After you have finger detangled a small section of your hair in which you think you have removed all the tangles use a wide tooth comb to run through that section this way you can test your work. The more times you use this method the more you will be able to have a true sense of when your hair is completely detangled.

Finger detangling definitely has my vote but time is a big factor for almost everyone so this can be one of the main reasons besides personal preference why many curlies prefer shorter tresses. Straight up longer hair equals more work and time but finger detangling can change the life of your hair and with practice you too can learn to become a master at this method and reap the benefits.

Has anyone tried finger detangling and what are your thoughts?