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By: TK Quann (aka TK Wonder)


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I’m sure Ethiopian singer Kelela Mizanekristos has been on aplenty radars since she emerged with her mixtape, ‘Cut 4 Me,’ featuring her collaboration work with Los Angeles based DJ/ producer Kingdom. This beautiful loc’d beauty is now based in L.A. however she was raised in Rockville, Maryland, the only daughter of Ethiopian parents who had emigrated to the States in the 1970’s. Her early impression of music was an encounter with her first cassette of Tracy Chapman’s self titled debut album. “The album cover fucked me up,” says Mizanekristos. “After getting images of every other black women thrown at you—pop stars like Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson—you get this. I looked at it forever while listening to the album, continuously trying to wrap my brain around this woman.” –Pitchfork


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If you are a lover of an era that produced Aaliyah, Brandi and Mariah Carey (Mimi in her “like baby with pacifers” era) then you will enjoy Kelela’s honey soothing voice with just enough raw guttural edge blended seamlessly with electronic that will have your ear buds clamoring for more.  
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Listen to the lilting stride of the eight-string guitar rendition of her song, ‘Enemy’ with Tosin Albasi and I can’t help to think of a certain artist who is “Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.” You can’t help but smile when you hear the breathtaking melodic cadence of Miss Mizanekristos’s voice.



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Sometimes the best lyrics are blunt, in your face and barely leave any room for interpretation. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a crazy visual stemmed from lyrics that have you scratching your head, raising a quizzical eyebrow and trying to comprehend the macabre genius of the lyricist who thought to weave words in such a way in the first place. (for all those Ghostface Killah & MF Doom fans) However some days when it seems like nothing is going your way and you want to throw on a joint that leaves no room for confusion and emotes Herculean feelings that get you through that moment then there are some artists who are definitely making waves in this movement and in all the right ways. Welcome to the penmanship of Kelela – “You know we give it up/ but love is not enough/ They always acting up/ we keep on lettin’ ‘em/ I called you on your bluff/ but you be holding tough/ I need someone who knows/ someone who gives a fuck.”


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Now let Kelela take you to a high that you won’t want to be released from.

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The world is constantly evolving and in the world of music nothing could be truer. Sometimes these days all is needed for a commercial hit is pretty face, twerk capabilities and the ability to utter vowels in the studio in the hopes the producer will create a semblance of a Streisand like arpeggio. Is Kelela a pretty face? Most certainly but remember the days when it was cool to let the music speak for itself?


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Well I think Miss Mizanekristos does just that.


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