In this Urban Bush Babe’s exclusive, Singer; Denitia Odigie of Brooklyn-based indie band; ‘Denitia and Sene‘ collaborated with ‘Strange Fruit Vintage‘; an online vintage boutique for women and men to present, “I Wish”; a video that intertwines fashion and music. Now some of you may be wondering why ‘Strange Fruit’ sounds so familiar, well the familiarity stems from a 1937 published poem that bears the same name, originally written by Abel Meeropol, protesting lynchings in America. The poem was then recorded into a song 2 years later, sung by Billie Holiday. It only seems fitting that a boutique with such a name would team up with Odigie in creating a consciousness visual piece, exploring aspects of fashion in a stimulating ”socio-cultural context”.


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With Director, Tiana Marenah at the helm, ’I Wish’ shows Odigie rendering a soulful, minimal interpretation of Nina Simone’s “I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to Be Free”, as a score to this non-traditional piece.



Urban Bush Babes presents ‘I Wish’…

“‘I Wish’ is an exploration of the past and cyclical themes of culture as they historically exist and as they appear now. It is the artists’ hope that the piece will encourage conversation amongst fashion, cultural opinion, and music.” -Tiana Marenah