Finding a style all your own does not mean you have to spend the big bucks. Here at Urban Bush Babes we want to encourage people to be proud of their unique style and to appreciate the difference in others but those differences will not leave you strapped of the dead presidents. Join us for our regular series of the “UBB Fashionista on a Budget” where we give you the scoop on exactly what you might be looking for but for less!  :)

Bronze Sequin Net Cardigan: NY Collection; 13.99 US. From Macy’s (Sale)

Click on each image below for a closer view

The Threading was loose on the sequin cardigan in some areas which caused sequin lost (aka sale ya’ll) but I loved the look and bought it just for this reason.

Jean Jacket: Strawberries; 9.99 US

Over the Knee Socks: Urban Outfitters; 8.99 US/ Flower print dress: Forever 21; 10.50 US

Forest Green Suede Fringe bag: No label; Too be honest I could make something up but I have had this bag so long I don’t remember where I purchased it. Can anyone relate? 10.00 US (Vintage)

Bronze Wedge Heels: Beacons Closet; 14.99 US (thrift)

Hair style: Nefertiti twist hawk, side and back view (video tutorial coming soon)

Turquoise Shell Headband: Cipriana (made by myself); Priceless (well actually 10.00 dollars for materials, lol)

Total of complete look: 88.96 US