A couple of months ago I was on the subways of NY listening to one of my favorite Marvin Gaye tunes “Got to Give it Up” minding my own, excuse my French, got damn business and someone had the nerve to say excuse me miss…. wait that part of the interlude is harmless but what this stranger is about to say next well actually just gave me a good story to tell all of you so let me continue….

Stranger: Excuse me Miss

Me: Yes?

Stranger: I do hair (Oh no)

Me: Oh really?

Stranger: Yes, I am a hair stylist and attend one of the top cosmetology schools in New York

Me: Congratulations (trying to be positive but I’m Dionne Warwick right now so I know what is coming next)

Stranger: My specialty is straightening of the hair. I know how to flatiron, press and get the hair real straight! I can get your hair to lay down real flat!!! Here is my card (Oh no she didn’t! To tell you the truth she lost me after she said her specialty is straightening hair. All I heard after was Charlie brown’s teacher wah wah wa wah wah)

Me: Well actually what I was REALLY THINKING was: Bit@h does it look like I want my hair straight, but what I actually said was…..

To be honest I have to decline and don’t want to waste your business card but I do not put heat on my hair and if I did I trust no one to place heat on my hair except for myself but can I ask you why did you approach me?

Stranger: Uhhhhh…….

Me: Not to be mean but maybe you should cater to an audience who would be open to the specialties you are selling. Have a great day!  (and by audience I mean someone who isn’t wearing their hair like this….

First let me say I’m not trying to knock someone’s hustle but since she did not have an answer is to why she approached me (or maybe she just didn’t want to say it), I am going to assume  just for the sake of UBB Funny Friday that she saw someone with kinky hair who she thought needed “her hair done” because in my natural state this represented an opening for this woman to approach me to sell her services because of my texture which must screamed to her warped perception I must, want, need to have straight hair!

UrbanBushBabes is all about spreading positivity but to be honest the positivity was not up in her hair! My beautiful people let me just say this if you are trying to sell a service and that service involves your image in any way, anyway at all, for example…

*You do nails, you a manicurist, people are going to look at your nails!

*You a stylist, you style clothes, people are going to look at how you dress!

*You a child psychiatrist, you analyze children’s minds, people are going to want to know if your children are sane!

If you a hair stylist, you do hair, people are going to look at the condition of your hair and let me tell you I was standing about 2 feet away from this woman and I could see her split ends from where I was standing. Her hair was fried, dyed and obliterated to say the least but I kept all those thoughts to myself to share with all of you. One thing I learned is I certainly don’t need to expend my energy in a Negative way to put someone in their place after all, I can think of so many more important things to direct my energy towards like venting to all of you! You have no control over people’s perception of you, it is a constant losing battle the only perception you can control is of yourself and believe me that is the one that counts the most. At the end of the day you can’t take what people think of your hair or style seriously, believe me it is much better to stay calm and just laugh!