So about a week ago on just another ordinary day as I was fooling around online I came across this picture of myself

featured on my homie’s site called (if you don’t know this is one of my favorite sites and is an amazing and beautiful place of inspiration for natural hair, style and everything in between just click the link above to check out for yourself) and came across a comment referred to the picture above. Now when a picture is posted on another blog the public can like, reblog and comment on the picture of choice. The referred comment was so stereotyped and outrageously absurd I had to share it with all of you.  The comment was stated by a young Ohio woman whose name I will keep anonymous because on UBB we are not about tearing others down even if it is done in return. She stated: 

“This is a prime example of a natural hipster chick. She probably shops at Trader Joes, maybe a vegetarian or doesn’t eat red meat, loves Erykah Badu and thrifts. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m just a simple Ohio girl, but I would never wear some sh@t like that.”

Wow I guess no one taught this young woman to “Never judge a book by its cover” with that being said now there is nothing wrong with being a “natural hipster chick” if that is the correct definition of one but (which I never even knew of) let me tell you in more ways than one how hysterical this is because it is so far from the truth.  Ladies lets break this down and play a game of…

True or False

“Prime example of a Natural Hipster Chick”…FALSE, this just so happened to be the outfit of choice for that day but my style varies to the umpteenth degree so the act of simply judging and labeling someone from a photograph is ridiculous and amusing.

“She probably shops at Trader Joes”… FALSE, well I have been to Trader Joes about 3 times in my life. My boyfriend loves Trader Joes and has nothing but good things to say so he goes there frequently. The only thing I request when he goes is to pick up a can of extra virgin olive oil spray for me. I doubt this qualifies me as a candidate of frequent Trader Joes Shopper of the year. I live closer to Pathmark in Brooklyn or go to Whole Foods in Union Sq but l most likely will transition to Trader Joes sometimes since I hear such positive feedback.

“Maybe a vegetarian or doesn’t eat red meat”…FALSE. Out of all the statements this one is the one that is most furthest from the truth. Now when it comes to food I think about my health therefore everything in moderation but sometimes it doesn’t always work, lol.  I will eat almost anything well except dishes with raisins in them yuck but I do love raisin separately any way (off in the clouds moment) I LOOOOOOOOVE food. Anyone who knows me best knows I can keep up with the best of them, including men in the food department.

“Loves Erykah Badu”… TRUE but really, I mean really, huh??? People who in the freak doesn’t love them some Ms. Badu.

“Thrifts”….TRUE, the roof the roof the roof is on fire we don’t need no water let the muthfu@ka burn. Uh hell yeah I thrift and that is all I have to say about that.

“Maybe I’m just a simple Ohio girl…FALSE, being from Ohio has nothing to do with it. My aunt is from Ohio and is one of the most creatively styled women I know.

I would never wear some sh@t like that.”…True usually people who are quick to judge someone harshly or place stereotypes on others are in fear of others judging them so it is easier to bash difference than uplift. Not liking a style is not a problem it is a personal preference but to pigeon hole that person without actually knowing them is an act no one should claim.

At the end of the day people are people and you cannot control what others think of you the only control you have is over your own conduct. Who knows I like to look forward to the positive and this woman’s train of thought could change with the right enlightenment. I can only hope for the best.  At the end of the day people are people and you cannot control what others think of you the only control you have is over your own conduct so don’t stress yourself out just laugh!