When on the topic of oils and which ones technically provide “real” moisture there are only three. Coconut, Olive and Avocado (which is a recent newbie for me) are the only oils that actually provide real moisture and not retain and yes there is a huge difference between retaining moisture and providing moisture.” Retaining” means the moisture that your strands already possess you are trying to hold onto. So placing certain oils or products on your hair you are then placing a temporary barrier or wall onto your strands to make sure you maintain the moisture within the cortex of your strands you possess at the moment. Retaining moisture is very similar as if you were sealing your ends except you are not placing moisture into your strands before you seal but skipping that step and simply sealing the moisture you may already have. Now in “providing” you are actually placing moisture into your strands. Which means Coconut, Olive and Avocado can actually penetrate the hair shaft and reach the cortex of your strands just like water. No other oils are capable of this act but water is the only substance capable of providing 100% moisture while coconut can provide up to 50% moisture, olive oil at 25% and avocado coming in last.

If you are looking for a bit of real moisture in between your washing sessions or just because Coconut, Olive and Avocado Oil can be a great addition to provide just a bit of actual moisture until then.