When moisturizing hair with your choice of natural oils or butters try and leave your nail bed free of nail polish. Many natural oils and butters contain vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that benefit and revitalize the health and growth of your nails because after all nails like hair are made of protein called  keratin so to break it down your nails are a form of hair just a tougher version of what you are rockin on your head. Now if you are a frequent wearer of nail polish and don’t have the time or energy to invest in removing your polish every time you need to place some moisturize back into your strands try attempting to leave your nails clean of polish at least once every 2 weeks when moisturizing your hair just this small step can produce amazing results towards improvement of your nails as they can reap the same awards when exposed to natural products that you hair will receive. So the next time you and your hair are due for some quality time remember your nails and leave the nail polish aside.