We have teamed up with Uber for Janet’s latest single release in a celebratory event held in NYC last week. Around 400 attendees inundated the building with love and admiration for this iconic woman. The ambience was electric and the audience was rewarded with a grand entrance of hand drums and boisterous greetings which paved the way for the icon. We listened to her speak about the music video before premiering it to the attendees and by their exuberant cacophony of cheers it is not difficult to understand why Janet has a home in the hearts of millions. Her lyrics have always spoken to us: Got my own mind/ I want to make my own decisions/ When it has to do with my life, my life/I wanna be the one in control. Lyrics that have been molded by independence, self love, social injustice, heartbreak, overcoming strife, candidness and most importantly women’s empowerment. Not only is Janet an incredible representation of empowerment she has been a source of inspiration; inspiring so many women to unapologetically claim their own empowerment and to stand up and speak out. Uber has been working to exhort those to use their voice in empowering ways. Women’s empowerment, standing up for your beliefs and being vocal on matters that are imperative is an intrinsic part of our work which is why the unyielding mission of Uber to support those who do represent sources of empowerment such as Janet Jackson is a collaboration that really hit home for us. So we pay homage by recreating a few of Janet Jackson’s album covers, classic lyrics and signature moves.
Photos: Terry Gates