created by: Un’ruly
“A woman’s relationship with beauty is a special one. Beauty can be a source of both pleasure and pain. It’s something to experience and celebrate but it’s also something that needs to be placed. How we define beauty and the role we let it have in our lives can be the difference between beauty undermining your identity and confidence or bolstering it
‘Pretty’ will take a look at how women all over the world place beauty, what it means to them—if it’s something they struggle with or are at peace with. The series will travel from city to city across the globe, and meet three to four women in each city, each with their own distinct backgrounds and styles. As we get to know each girl and what beauty means to her, we’ll also be taking a close look at how beauty is defined geographically. We know that beauty can vary across countries but how many definitions of beauty can we find within the smaller confines of a city? And do those definitions widen the larger idea of beauty or validate a narrow definition?” -Un’ruly
What is Pretty?

What’s Pretty in Paris?

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